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The Alta View Golf library of training videos focuses on a few key concepts we have refined over decades of coaching experience. We have found that focusing on a few key fundamentals really helps you understand how to improve and really own you own swing. You won't be overwhelmed with a ton of random drills. We focus on effective principles that apply to all golfers.

We demonstrate how these concepts work in pro level swings. We teach you what to look for in detail when you review videos of your own swing.

We utilize slow motion video and discuss Trackman launch monitor numbers in many videos. You will understand how these swing fundamentals generate the conditions for great impact. This gives you consistent control of both your shot distance and shot shape and makes golf more enjoyable!

Insightful Swing Reviews

Insightful Swing Reviews

Alta View Golf provides detailed ongoing video feedback of your golf swing. You submit videos of your swing with an easy to use mobile app and your coach sends you a full video review. It is easy to record drills at home, work on the range, or even swings from a round on the course and then have your coach give you guidance on how to improve.

A key benefit over face to face lessons is you can refer to the insight from your coach over and over in your mobile app. Then take more video of your swing and compare what you see to the prior feedback of your coach. Swing reviews with Alta View Golf is a terrific way to learn on your time and your schedule.

1 on 1 Video Calls

1 on 1 Video Calls

Your membership begins with a video call with to meet your coach and to get you up and running on the swing review process. Each month you have a video call with your coach to recap your results and outline the plans for the next month.

Your coach also reviews swings with you during the call so you have live dialog on areas of focus.


Your Swing Can Be Like This!

Check out this video with our coach Nathan Ouimette as he demonstrates some keys you will develop in your swing as you work with Alta View Golf.


Membership Options

Premium - Swing Reviews, Video Calls, and Video Library Access

  • Unlimited online swing reviews with your coach

  • Monthly video call with your coach

  • Full video library access to our complete online training program

Standard - Video Library Access

  • Full video library access to our complete online training program

  • Options for month to month or a yearly subscription at a discounted rate

Try either option for free for 7 days - including the premium swing reviews! You can cancel at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does online coaching work?

Our coaches have been doing face to face coaching for decades. During that time we have seen over and over that there are a few keys that each golfer needs to understand to be able to really improve and have a swing that in fundamentally sound.

We have made sure that the video library is really focused to help you understand those key fundamental concepts. Once you have those concepts down then you can learn what to look for in videos of your swing.

Our library of content gives you training on what you need to know and then the online swing reviews with your coach will ensure that you can really properly analyze your swing on video. Your coach will guide you through the process so you don't get stuck or go down a wrong path.

The combination of focused training content in our library with the guidance of your coach through the swing reviews really does enable you to understand and own your swing. Once you know how certain swing feelings and visualizations equate to proper positions you need to see on video then you can reliably control your impact. And once you can control your impact you control your ball flight and golf is a lot more enjoyable!

So...YES! Online training really does help you own your swing and improve.

What is included in a membership?

You choose if you want access to the video library only for the standard plan or if you also want to be able to have swing reviews and videos calls with your Alta View Golf coach with our premium plan.

When you choose the swing review plan you have full access to the video library as well. When you get the swing review plan your coach will often refer to content in our library of training videos that is associated with the feedback on the swing being reviewed.

In the video calls with your coach you will be able to do screen sharing to review swings with your coach in real time.

You can start with the video library only plan and upgrade to the swing reviews plan later and vice versa.

All plans have a 7 day trial period and you can cancel at any time.

How do swing reviews work?

You load an easy to use app on your phone and you get a direct link to your coach for both text messages as well as exchanging videos back and forth. The app that you load is free and is called OnForm and is available on both iOS and Android.

You take a video of your swing anywhere - including practice swings - and upload that video via the app. You can even do a voice-over screen recording of your swing and upload it to highlight your own questions in the video you submit to your coach. You can also send photos and any other files to the coach associated with your swing. If you have access to a Trackman system or other launch monitor we encourage you to also send in the launch and ball flight numbers with your swing video. You can send links to your online Trackman swing reports for example.

Your coach will generally reply within a day. The reply usually includes the coach commenting on your swing while annotating the video that you submitted. Your coach will often compare your swing with some reference professional swings to help you see areas for improvement. There is a simple text messaging capability as well for quick dialog back and forth.

You can upload multiple swings in one day from multiple angles to help provide more context for your coach to help you.

For more details on how it works check out the Getting Started page.

How many swings can I submit each month?

When you have a subscription to the premium video review and library access plan you have the capability to dialog back and forth with your coach via the OnForm mobile app. In this mobile app you can send videos and photos and text messages back and forth to your coach just like any other messaging product you use.

Your coach will generally be able to respond back to you within a business day when you submit a photo or video to review (weekends are not business days). Often times you will want to submit both a face on and a down the line video of your swing and that is encouraged so your coach can get a better perspective. And if you have access you are encouraged to submit Trackman or other launch monitor data with your swing. Of course you can send text messages explaining more context about your submittal as well. And you can submit multiple swings the same day - a wedge and a driver swing to compare the differences for example.

You can submit videos or photos of you doing drills, hitting balls indoors, hitting balls at an outdoor range, and if you can, submit video of you playing on the course (because we all know that's where it really counts and is the most difficult!).

There is no set limit to the number of videos and messages you can submit in a month. You will work with your coach on an appropriate cadence of submittals based upon your focus on any given month. You may be submitting items every day while going over some drills early on, or you may be uploading swings a couple of times a week based upon your access to a range or course. We are here to support you and provide a training resource that will elevate your game!

Do I really get a swing review in the trial period?

Absolutely - we believe once you engage with your coach via the swing review process you will find it an incredibly effective way to improve your game. We really believe in the value of using video capture and reviewing video to help improve a golf swing. There is an oft repeated phrase in golf instruction that "feel is not real" and we fully believe that. Leveraging video in your training experience will transform your ability to understand and improve.

You can sign up today, submit your first swing, and check out the experience before your credit card is ever billed. You have a full 7 days in the free trial.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! You will not be billed for 7 days and you can cancel at any time after that.

The monthly plans let you cancel at any time during the month and your access runs through the end of your billing cycle. The yearly plan gives you access for a full year.

How do I contact Alta View Golf with questions?

You can call or text us at 801-823-4302 or email us at info@altaviewgolf.com

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