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Train using our structured online golf lesson videos and you will see improvements in your consistency, accuracy, and speed.

We have many mid level handicap students that have dropped their handicap by 5 to 8 strokes in their first 2 months of training.

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Practice With A Purpose

Our training gives you terrific insights into every part of the game. You will understand what to do and how it should feel and look. We show you why it works with slow motion video and Trackman data.

If you took all these lessons face to face, it would cost thousands of dollars. Benefit from proven lessons and drills in your own home for a fraction of the cost.

Learn principles found in tour swings that generate repeatable powerful impact

See how to use your slow motion video to improve your swing

Feel proper mechanics using specific drills with detailed step by step instructions

Measure progress and lower your handicap

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Real World Results

Our catalog includes drills, slow motion videos and detailed explanations of how to train and what to measure.

You will also see actual lessons with golfers like you.

Our Team

Our content is developed with feedback from various backgrounds: the coach, the swing analyst, the player, and the college professor. We know there isn't just one perfect angle for everyone.

Insight from the different points of view gives you a broader perspective.

Rob Stanger

Professional golf coach over 25 years, recognized as Golf Magazine Top Teacher West Region

Nathan Ouimette

Professional golfer, collegiate golf at SVU. Personal best round of 59.

Dwain Kinghorn

Trackman Level II Certified Swing Analyst

Dr. Tyler Standifird

Professor of biomechanics focusing on sport and exercise motion at UVU.

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See how Alta View Golf student Madi Moss succeeded in winning state championships and playing collegiate golf using our system.

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